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We Need a New Home

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Here is an example of the query letters I’ve been sending out to bait publishers with. Unrefined, definitely. Honest, to a fault. I should have gone to a finishing school.


To the editors,

My name is Meg Frances. I’m a 25 year old Dallas poet currently living in Bed Stuy. My first book, FFing, was published in 2011 by Desperanto (now Sixteen Fourteen Press). As they are no longer accepting poetry submissions under their new inception, I’m looking for a home at another publishing company.

My sophomoric work is entitled Roanoke: Poems to Disappear With. It is much more subtle and muted in its expression than my first collection. The poems focus on the willfully lonely moments of life. Running away from home after telling everyone first. So that no one can go looking for you abroad. Struggling with multiple inner personalities and the question of who to be for whom at what time. Waking up in the middle of the night to contemplate repetitive dreams. Spending more time thinking about your long distance lover than you ever spent with him. Indulging in long mental fantasies. Worrying about your sexuality. Cleverly hiding your lack of faith. Self loathing on a hungover plane ride and a bevy of other very personal experiences that most of us forget to share with others out loud.

Well, I’m ready to share them.

Target Audience: High school and college aged girls. Independent women navigating their own identities in America ages 20-35. Men interested in the unique problems and thoughts of the modern post millineal woman. People who like Sandra Cisneros, The Beat Poets, and other works of semi-autobiographical free verse.

Enclosed are a few samples. I am ready to send the full manuscript upon request.


Meg Frances

When My Book Came Out…

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I read from it in public for the first time.

New Audio Smut Podcast Feb 2012

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Animal Part 1: Humananimal


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